Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Fifth Centenary of Cesare Borgia (1507-2007)

Throughout the year 2007 the city of Viana in Navarra (Spain) will be the centre of festivities and commemorations of the Fifth Centenary of Cesare Borgia (1507 – 2007).

On the 11th of March it was exactly 500 years ago that Cesare Borgia was slain in battle not far from Viana.

The son of Pope Alexander VI died in 1507 at the age of 31, after attempting to storm the town's castle and overthrow the Count of Lerin. He was originally buried beneath the altar of the Church of Santa Maria in the town, in a marble tomb on which was written: "Here lies in little earth one who was feared by all, who held peace and war in his hand."

The province of Navarra is proud of this famous son. The activities commemorating Cesare the 500th anniversary of Borgia’s death are aimed at paying homage to Cesare Borgia and his family, who played a key role in the cultural and political European Renaissance, and promoting the cultural and travel offer of the town of Viana and Navarra in general.

Follow this link for the full program of activities.

The program of activities follows in Spanish.