Saturday, August 04, 2007

Inauguration of the Cesare Borgia trail

On 10 March 2007 a footpath covering the 10 km from the Santa
Maria Church in Viana to the spot where Cesare breathed his last was opened. The beginning of the footpath is at the Plaza de los Fueros and ends at the Barranca Salada or the Salty Gorge.

The trail offers beautiful vistas of Navarra and in early March the almond trees along the trail are in full bloom.

The death of Cesare was reenacted.
A cruz de campo or commemorative cross was erected and the father (Alexander VI) of the deceased came by to mourn his son.

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Anonymous said...

I'd always thought I was all alone in thinking Cesare Borgia deserved better from the historians I had been reading as a history major (obviously I was reading the wrong historians); after reading Sabatini I wanted to learn as much as I could about the family. With more advance notice, I would have loved to attend his reburial in Viana - he deserved that, too.

This is a great website - I particulalrly appreciated the bibliography, which I will start devouring as soon as possible.